Do you need a LinkedIn account ?

June 18, 2016


After continuously questioning the value brought to me by my LinkedIn account, I finally deleted my LinkedIn account last week. The feeling of deleting my LinkedIn account was very liberating. Unlike other social network on the Internet that brought some value to me, my LinkedIn account was a constant source of recruitroll email. Sourcing agencies and recruitrolls from places which I’d not heard of sent a constant request to “add me as a connection”. The sheer number of people who end up being your 1st degree LinkedIn connections is so high that the platform has completely lost its value. Think about it yourself, when was the last time you heard a recruiter successfully hire a good candidate via LinkedIn ? When was the last time you used LinkedIn’s messaging to reach out to someone in your network as opposed to email or Twitter ? When was the last time a set of skills mentioned on LinkedIn help someone stand out from others ?

As someone who works in the tech industry and writes code for a living, the LinkedIn recommendations don’t mean a thing to me or for most people in the industry I work with. LinkedIn neither serves as a good gauge of someone’s professional qualities nor as a way of keeping in touch. Going forward, I’ve decided to keep in touch via Twitter(@aishrajdahal) and showcase my professional qualities via open source contributions/projects. Therefore, until Microsoft injects a magic potion into LinkedIn to help it add value to my professional life, I would stay away from it.